Albin Love Lindgren born 1975 in Stockholm is a Swedish designer. Since childhood Albin has been fascinated with form and function. His education and early artistic work with sculptures is reflected in his furniture design. Albin divides his time between homes and design studios in Sweden and Indonesia.

Related to the tradition in ancient North combined with true and original work in his Indonesian studio is how Albin's masterpiece of furniture comes to life with the simplicity and function of Scandinavian Design.

Every piece of furniture is molded by hand created just the way he works. Capturing the movements one by one together within the realms of form and shape. Trying them out from each angel and dimension until the endless form of realisation is born.

Design is the tool that give my ideas a context, it entitles them with a purpose to exist.

Design är det redskap som ger mina former en kontext, ett berättigande; en orsak att existera.

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